Zoom Meeting 27 March 2023

Date: Monday, 27 Monday 2023

Time: 19h00

Topic: The benefits of working with the family in schizophrenia

Speaker: Prof Laila Asmal

The March meeting will be addressed by Prof Laila Asmal and will focus on the topic: The benefits of working with the family in schizophrenia.

Laila Asmal is a Psychiatrist and Associate Professor at Stellenbosch University. She heads the Psychosis Research Program (PRP) based at the Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University. The Psychosis Research Program was established in the mid-90s with a focus on pharmacological research in schizophrenia and has since evolved to examining the environment, clinical symptoms, as well as long-term outcomes in schizophrenia. Laila has served in a collaborative and advisory capacity with the FSS for some years and has offered valuable and supportive advice, for which we are very grateful.

Laila’s talk is entitled The benefits of working with the family in schizophrenia and will be on the role of family therapy as a psychological treatment for schizophrenia. There are many types of family therapy and during this talk she will talk about the family therapy which has the best research evidence in schizophrenia. This involves illness education, stress alleviation, and identifying coping strategies and problems with communication over a limited number of sessions.

Part of the evening will focus on better understanding the “lived experience” of schizophrenia for patients and their families.  To this end, we will be invited to participate in research currently underway on the long-term care of family members with schizophrenia.  This represents a golden opportunity for FSS to influence policies and practices of mental health care, so we hope as many people as possible will attend.

Please join us on Zoom at 19.00 on Monday 27 March for this event. There is no need to RSVP, just click on the link below to join.


Meeting ID: 889 1027 2581

Passcode: 289210

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